The Adult Enhancement Programme (AEP) is set up to deliver to our members a quality evidence based programme mainly for persons with Down syndrome and/or Intellectual Disability aged 18 years and above. The AEP adopts a person- and family-centred model focused on imparting functional life-skills to enable a better quality of life. Our design of AEP considers the lifespan development stages of each adult learner and their abilities at each life stage.

We believe that personal development occurs in a continuum and adult learner learns knowledge and skills differently.  As such AEP activities are designed to enable our members to feature meaningful outcomes towards our goal towards minimal dependence on family and society as an active contributor and equal partner in the designing of their goals.

 AEP is delivered as a lifelong and transitional programme that provides a spectrum of services including:

  • Job training to prepare for a life of employment
  •  Securing and sustaining employment
  • Lifelong Functional skills
  • Independent skills (e.g. money management, independent travel, etc.)
  • Social inclusion through participating in community spaces accessing and enlarging our presence through our involvement in community events
  • Leisure and recreational activities that build identity, shared memories, improve family bonds and established lifelong friendships       


Operational Days

Opening and closing times

Programme Venue

Targeted Age Group

Adult Enhancement Programme (AEP)

Mondays to Fridays

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

DSA Centre, Junction 8 Office Tower, Level 9  Bishan

18 years and above with Down syndrome and/or Intellectual Disability



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