Patron: Mr. Tan Soo Khoon
Advisors: Assoc. Prof. S. Vasoo
  Dr. Balbir Singh
Specialist Advisors: Dr. Bhavani SriramMedical Advisor
  Ms. Christine SekhonLegal Advisor

Board of Management 2018/20

Chairperson: Mr. Ratnasabapathy Sivanandam
Deputy Chairperson: Ms. Li Shu Yun
Honorary Secretary: Ms. Monica Kan
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Alex Yan
Member:  Mr. Gerard Lim
Member:  Mr. Arjun Chandrasekhar
Member:  Mr. Gopalan Nair
Member:  Ms. Naveed Kamil Hasan
Member: Mr. Chan Wing Git
Member: Ms. Tan Peck Joo
Immediate Past Chairman Mr. Roderick Tan Tiong Own 




A team of twenty eight full time dedicated professionals and support staff work cohesively together and are dedicated in providing the best services to our clients with Down syndrome and their families. Kindly refer to our organisation chart for details.