Cooking is so much fun and it’s an important life skill too. Our instructor, Siti Mariana Abdullah, also leads the kitchen studio in DSA’s Adult Education Programme (AEP). She is a special education teacher who is passionate about cooking and her role as a coach in AEP.  In this programme, students learn some basic recipes and understand personal hygiene and safety in the kitchen. They get to experience a sense of independence as they prepare meals that they can then feel proud of eating and sharing with others. And participants will be able to try their hand at reproducing what they’ve learned at home! This is also a wonderful activity through which you can pick up new recipes while bonding with your child, so caregivers are welcome to attend.






Age Group

Yummy Tummy Food Preparation


9:00-11:00 am

DSA Ctr, J8, Bishan

10 yrs and up


Caregivers must accompany children below 13 years.


For more information, or to sign up for our Yummy Tummy Food Preparation programme, please email Satya at prgrammes@downsyndrome-singapore.org or call (+65) 6500 9321.