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Event: 'Financial Security & Financil Planning'

DSA Singapore Events
DSA Singapore Events
Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012 At 09:15:00 AM
Duration: 2 Hours 15 Minutes

(A)     Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC)Trusteeship Scheme
          Topic: Financial Security for Persons with Special Needs
          Speaker: Ms Esther Tan


(B)     PromiseLand & Independent Pte Ltd
          Topic: Financial Planning Made Simple for Persons with Special Needs
          Speaker: Mr Wilfred Ling


Date : Saturday, 31st March 2012
Time: 9.30 – 11.30am
Registration: 9.15am


Target Audience: All caregivers of persons with special needs, legal-guardians and court appointed deputies of persons with special needs. The content is designed for those not subjected to the Administration of Muslim Law Act.


Venue: Down Syndrome Association (Singapore), 9 Bishan Place #06-04 Junction 8 Tower Block, Singapore 579837.


Synopsis of Talks:
Topic: Financial Security for Persons with Special Needs
(A) Setting up a trust with SNTC enables parents/caregivers to make plans for SNTC to administer the finances for their loved ones when they are no longer around. The trust is an infrastructure for parents/caregivers to nominate their insurance policies and gift assets through their will to the trust fund upon their demise. The talk will also cover how the CPF Special Needs Savings Scheme can complement the SNTC trust.


Topic: Financial Planning Made Simple for Persons with Special Needs
(B) Caregivers and families of persons with special needs face a unique challenge which other families do not experience. Unlike others, these families have permanent dependents. Therefore, the importance of financial planning is extremely important. Unfortunately, most families in Singapore neglects financial planning partly due to technical complexity and partly because tailor made professional financial planning service is not affordable to most people.


As an illustration of technical complexity: How does one use the 10 different types of insurance and CPF Nominations (including the Special Needs Saving Scheme), Wills, testamentary trusts, inter vivo trusts (such as those offered by Special Needs Trust Company) and appointment of Deputies under the Mental Capacity Act? In addition, the same families have other commitments such as the need to take care of mortgages, own retirement, education and living expenses of other dependents who do not have special needs.


As the speaker has vast experience in developing detailed financial plans, he will share with the audience on how to reduce life’s complexity to a simple 5-steps process. He will use a case study to illustrate what it really means to have a financial plan for persons with special needs.


Speakers' Profile:
(A) Ms Esther Tan is legally trained and did legal and compliance work in private sector prior to joining SNTC.  She was instrumental in setting up the infrastructure and launching SNTC trust scheme.  Esther is passionate about advocating for the community of persons with special needs.


(B) Mr. Wilfred Ling is a fee-based professional financial planner advising and managing wealth for the high networth families. He holds the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation and is a CFA charter holder. In area of financial planning, he is ISO 22222 (SCI) certified.


As a FA Associate Director of PromiseLand Independent Pte Ltd, he provides a unique advisory practice due to primarily being remunerated directly by clients through fees. Many families have been attracted and benefited from his unique approach to wealth management.


To date, he has written more than 80 articles for various publications including Sunday Times and CPF Board’s IM$avvy. He was also interviewed by various mass media such as iFAST Insight magazine and the Straits Times.


Mr. Ling is a member of CFA Singapore, CFA Institute and Association of Financial Advisers (Singapore).


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